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Black & White

Shot only black and white this week with my Fujifilm x100f. While on a walk with Hank I caught this one while we were discussing the pros and cons of going after the ducks in the water.

Your Hobby

Hiking and running have been the two hobbies I have had for awhile. I went for a hike in Bend along the Deschutes River. Caught this runner passing by and like the colors on the vest and grabbed this shot.

Blur The Motion

On the path near our home we had Hank sit and I set up a few yards away from him with my wife farther down the path. She called him and I panned with him running by. Repeated this several times and liked this one the best. Cheers!

Self Portrait

Had the idea for a photographer in action shot and picked a covered bridge to take the shot. Set up my Sony with the 10 second self timer and moved into place with my Fujifilm x100f for the photo. Edited to black and white. Cheers to 2023! 

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